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Apple iMac 27″ with a failed Graphics card is getting surgery today…

Here are some quick pics of todays iMac 27" GPU removal: Here's Mr. Big Mac with Glass and heavy LCD panel removed. iMac 27" GPU Failure Bad Graphics Card Replacement Yes, this is the graphics card assembly! Heat sink is huge. Bare AMD Graphics card ready for expert soldering: Do you have an

By |2016-01-04T19:56:27+00:00January 4th, 2016|Tech happy, Uncategorized|Comments Off on Apple iMac 27″ with a failed Graphics card is getting surgery today…

Dual Harddrives in MacBook Pro SSD + HD

Here's a nice upgrade for Pre-Retina MacBook Pro models! Dual Hard Drives in Macbook Pro Pre-Retina. Add a Solid State Drive for blazing performance and remove useless optical drive and add in a nice Hard drive for storage. In this case we used a 500Gb SSD MX200 by crucial and a Samsung 2Tb inside the OWC

By |2015-12-06T01:29:03+00:00December 5th, 2015|Tech happy|Comments Off on Dual Harddrives in MacBook Pro SSD + HD

Solid State Drive upgrades…

let's make your old computer blazing fast by adding new technology such as a solid state drive and Ram upgrade.  Why are solid state or FLASH hard disks faster? Here's your basic platter hard drive inside...  See... it's like a record player with needles and lots of moving parts. These tiny components wear out over

By |2015-09-27T18:12:58+00:00September 27th, 2015|Tech happy, Uncategorized|Comments Off on Solid State Drive upgrades…

Ring Doorbell installation

So, I'm pleased to share that the ring doorbell is cooler than it looks online. I hit a speed bump or two while installing. But, nothing a quick Home Depot run didn't fix. The final product is just great! On board battery will last a year. If someone steals it... Ring will replace it! "Can't

By |2015-09-25T14:34:43+00:00September 24th, 2015|Tech happy, Uncategorized|Comments Off on Ring Doorbell installation

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