Introducing AirWAN Cellular Internet Failover! Guaranteed to keep you online, even when the “unthinkable” happens. With AirWAN, your business can rest easy knowing it will always have reliable internet access. 

Don’t Let Internet Outages Put a Stop to Your Business

AirWAN Cellular Failover

Today, businesses and individuals alike are finding themselves increasingly reliant on the internet for their day-to-day activities. But what happens when your connection goes down? That’s where cellular failover comes in.

Cellular failover is an automated process that allows you to switch from one internet connection to another without losing your data or connectivity. It ensures that when your primary internet service fails, your device will automatically switch over to a secondary connection – like 4G LTE – so you don’t experience any downtime. This means that no matter what type of internet disruption you may face, you can still stay connected and continue with whatever activity you were doing before the outage occurred.

“When your internet goes down so does your business, so having a reliable failover option is essential for today’s digital world,” says Jason Appel, from Jappel Tech. “With cellular failover, users can rest assured that they won’t be left without an internet connection when their primary source fails them. Our new product makes it easy for anyone to stay connected during times of disruption.”

Jappel Tech has recently launched their new product – AirWAN – which provides users with a reliable backup option in case their primary source of internet fails them. This innovative product offers seamless switching between multiple connections, allowing users to remain online even if their main service provider experiences an outage or disruption. Additionally, it supports both Verizon and At&t Cellular built in at the same time!

The Cellular Internet Failover also offers users enhanced security features such as encrypted connections and secure authentication protocols to protect user data and privacy while browsing the web. With this product, Jappel Tech aims to provide users with the tools they need to stay connected no matter what type of technical issues they may face with their existing network infrastructure.

So don’t let internet outages put a stop to your business or entertainment – get connected with AirWAN from Jappel Tech today!

Verizon IoT Data Plan Starting at $25.00 per month!

Model 6240 can have speeds up to 300Mbps Download and 50Mbps Upload depending on location.

Broadband plans also available for Cellular Internet as Primary ISP

Credit Card Reoccurring Payment Required for Monthly Service