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Managed Services

We will manage your desktops and servers so you can focus on your business and personal life.

We are a full service IT provider for Home Users and Small Business.

Technical Support

One on One and Remote Phone Support

Mac & PC

Consulting, Setup, One on One Instruction, and more!

Don't wait for it to break. Let's be proactive together!
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Jappel Tech: Managed Services

Computer Not Working

Starting at just
$10 per month!

How’s your technology working for you?

We will manage your desktops and servers so you can focus on your business and personal life.

We are a full service IT provider for Home Users and Small Business. 

Let’s get started and make your IT headaches a thing of the past.

Meet our Team

Jason Appel Jappel Tech

Hi, I’m Jason.

I have 15 years Experience with both Apple and PC and over 10 years of Retail Business Experience.

I am at your service!

Whether you’re a Business or a Home user… I have a solution for your needs.

All Inquiries are Welcome!

Help Desk

Help Desk Associate

Hi, I’m Philip.
I have a Bachelors in Computer Information Systems and certifications in HDI Analyst and Mac Integration 10.10. I have been working with computers since I was about 13. I have take things apart just to see what makes them tick. Now I’m at the Help Desk where I get to do that every day while working with the broad array of systems we support. I love working for the Help Desk because it gives me the chance to talk to so many different people and fix something new and interesting almost every day!

Shawna Jappel Tech Help Desk

Hi, I’m Shawna.
My technical background started with a day program for the developmentally disabled. I ran the computer lab and worked with the contracted technician to keep up the 6 standalone PC’s at that site. Wen to school and obtained my diploma in Networking (building servers). I then started working on the Help Desk. I am HDI Team Lead Certified, A+ certified and Macintosh Integration Basics 10.10 certified.
I really enjoy being able to assist folks in making sure their job is able to be done in a timely fashion either by my own hand or utilizing our many resources such as Tiers 2, 3, and 4.

Joe Help Desk

Hi, I’m Joseph.
I started out in marketing at a small corporation. We didn’t have much of an IT department so when word got out that I was good with computers, I became the unofficial IT guy. Enjoying the work, I decided to pursue an IT career. I went back to school for a master’s degree in Information Systems. Now, I am here at the Help Desk where I’ve called “home” for a little over a year.
Working for the Help Desk never gets old. Computers and networks are very complex so I have the opportunity to learn something new almost everyday. I love the satisfaction of a solved problem, and more than that, I love talking to and help people. The Help Desk is very team oriented and that’s great for our customers.

Brian - Help Desk

Hi, I’m Brian.
I have worked in IT for 17 years. I have always worked in a Help Desk/Desk Side support role and recently moved into leadership.
I started working for Help Desk because I liked interacting with people and assisting them with solving their issues. I equally enjoy my role in a leadership position, I have the ability to help my technicians succeed and advance in their careers.

Small Business

Retail Stores, Professional Offices, Hair Salons, Spas, and more!

We do Managed Services, Help Desk, Networks, Security Cameras, Automation, Cyber Security, Servers, and more all with Confidentiality!

Onsite & Remote Technical Assistance

Your Personal Tech Gurus! We’re happy to help!

We offer onsite services at your location when you need them.

Our Help Desk will assist you daily within about a minute via chat and phone.

Simply Managed. Simply resolved.

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