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We use the leading network equipment and cutting edge security. Your computer network handles all of your data and all of your information. We keep your network fast, secure, and well maintained.

Ubiquiti Networks

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Fortinet Security

Fortinet Authorized Partner Fort Lauderdale

A Secure Internet Gateway

Cisco Umbrella DNS Protection adds a heavily armored and monitored gate outside your network. This protection filters and monitors every single request that leaves and enters your network. Threats are stopped before they are even close to you or your devices.

Clicked on a malicious link? Don’t worry, that malicious link click has been shut down before any harm was possible.

Protect your entire network, remote workers, mobile devices, and even your guest network.

Secure Internet Gateway – From Jappel Tech, powered by Cisco.

Starting at $15 per network and $5 per endpoint monthly.

2018 Annual Cisco Cyber Security Report


Yelp: Customer Experience

University of Kansas Hospital

Overview of Cisco Umbrella

Cloud Security Attack


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