let’s make your old computer blazing fast by adding new technology such as a solid state drive and Ram upgrade. 

Why are solid state or FLASH hard disks faster?

Here’s your basic platter hard drive inside

 See… it’s like a record player with needles and lots of moving parts. These tiny components wear out over time and will fail. Leaving the user without access to files without a backup. 

Platter drives generally transmit data at around 80Mbps. Whereas SOLID STATE or FLASH drives transmit at 500Mbps to even 1,500Mbps!

Your data is much more secure saved on Flash chip based solid state drives. Also, your battery life on portables will be greatly improved and they will run much cooler as well!

Here’s an iMac from 2011 that has been outfitted with 16Gb of RAM and a 500Gb Crucial Solid State Drive:

This iMac has been given a new life and is blazing fast! Startup time is about 15 seconds, programs load at lightening speed, photo library’s are no waiting anymore!

Why get a new iMac for up to $4,000?

Ok. Yes, the 5K display is gorgeous…

Let’s get your favorite computer into 2016 speed with these cost effective upgrades today!