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Dual Harddrives in MacBook Pro SSD + HD

Here's a nice upgrade for Pre-Retina MacBook Pro models! Dual Hard Drives in Macbook Pro Pre-Retina. Add a Solid State Drive for blazing performance and remove useless optical drive and add in a nice Hard drive for storage. In this case we used a 500Gb SSD MX200 by crucial and a Samsung 2Tb inside the OWC

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Solid State Drive upgrades…

let's make your old computer blazing fast by adding new technology such as a solid state drive and Ram upgrade.  Why are solid state or FLASH hard disks faster? Here's your basic platter hard drive inside...  See... it's like a record player with needles and lots of moving parts. These tiny components wear out over

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Ring Doorbell installation

So, I'm pleased to share that the ring doorbell is cooler than it looks online. I hit a speed bump or two while installing. But, nothing a quick Home Depot run didn't fix. The final product is just great! On board battery will last a year. If someone steals it... Ring will replace it! "Can't

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Happy August! The High Tech Now

THE High Tech Now How Smart is YOUR Home? How Much Free Space is on your Mobile Device?  SMART HOME TECH Control Your Home with your smartphone and tablet from anywhere! Hide all your Home Theater equipment and use your iPad, iPhone, or Android Device. No Boxes or Wires Showing. Control your Audio Visual Equipment, Cameras,

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Hotspots Magazine Editorial July 2015

I'm very Happy to share that Hotspots Magazine has written a full page editorial on Jappel Tech! If you're not familiar, Hotspots magazine has been around about 30 years and caters to the LGBT community. There are around 50,000 of these magazines floating around South Florida and other areas each and every week! A Big

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So, What’s this Apple Watch Anyway!?

So, What's this Apple Watch Anyway!? View this email in your browser So, What's this Apple Watch ANYWAY?!  Let's Take a Look Before You Try One On :-) Is it right for you? There are so many to choose! Do i need ONE? WELCOME to the MOST PERSONAL Apple Product Ever! This is The

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