So, What’s this Apple Watch Anyway!?

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So, What’s this Apple Watch ANYWAY?! 

Let’s Take a Look Before You Try One On :-)
Is it right for you? There are so many to choose! Do i need ONE?

WELCOME to the MOST PERSONAL Apple Product Ever! This is The Apple Watch and it’s on your wrist all day! Just think you will be connected almost always or should I say disconnected?

Apple sure created a wide range of styling and options to make The Watch personally fit anyone’s style. Luxurious Gold to Rubber and Aluminum. The execution of design and materials is that of a Jewelry and Fashion Company.
Bravo Apple!

Let’s look at the iPad again… Was there a need for an iPad? Not really. The need was created along with a new category. The same went with the iPod and iPhone on different levels. Will The Watch Change our lives that much? The potential is HUGE.

Being able to track Fitness and Health are great qualities of The Watch. Maybe one day The Watch will monitor for a heart attack or low glucose levels and call EMS. Push notifications and iMessages are gently noticed at a glance. Phone calls may even be answered and made with our lovely assistant Siri.

There are Tons of Apps available and you can even control your Apple TV and Mac by using the Remote App. The Watch will be a great tool for HomeKit and Home Automation soon. You may Keep track of simple to do lists and notebooks with Evernote and Pay with Apple Pay. What watch does all of this? Is it still a Watch?

YES, this is a luxury item and no one needs one. But, then again… Everything That Apple Sells are luxury items and we don’t need any of them. Yet, it’s a good idea to camp outside for days to be the first of the first to have one to call your own. :-)


  • Bands are available Separately!

  • Without an iPhone The Following Still Work:

    • Apple Pay

    • Music with Bluetooth Headphones

    • Passbook

    • Fitness Tracking

    • Remote App

    • Tell the TIME!

  • Battery Life 18 Hours or 72 hours in Power Reserve Mode

  • Takes 2.5 Hours to Charge to 100%

  • Battery IS Replaceable

  • 8Gb of Storage

    • 2Gb for Music

    • 75Mb for small iCloud Photos (more than you think.)

  • Resistance to Splashes – Water Resistant

    • 1m of water for 30 mins

  • 1 Year warranty

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