Free IT Support For Fort Lauderdale Businesses, Impacted By The COVID-19 Crisis:

Are You Extremely Worried About Your
Business Surviving Right Now?

If So, We’ll Set Up Your Employees To Work
Securely From Home For FREE

From The Desk of: Jason Appel
President, Jappel Tech

Dear Colleague,

There is a legend surrounding the enclosed doll among the Indian villages of Guatemala. If you have a problem, all you have to do is tell it to this doll, place the doll under your pillow before you go to bed, and the doll will take your worries away while you sleep.

Wouldn’t it be great if that was true? Unfortunately, we know it’s not – especially now with the Costco-sized bucket of trouble we’re all in right now!

So why have I sent you a worry doll? Actually, there are 2 reasons…

  1. I want to offer you free IT services and support to get your employees working securely from home (or any remote location), and I wanted to make sure this letter would catch your attention.
  2. Since this will (hopefully) erase ONE worry you have right now, I thought using this “worry doll” was an appropriate eye-catcher.

In case you are unfamiliar with me, my name is Jason Appel, President of Jappel Tech. We specialize in helping Small Businesses in Fort Lauderdale with full outsourced IT support and co-managed IT services (you can learn more about us at .

Because this crisis is undoubtedly hurting your business, we’d like to give you the software and services to enable your employees to securely work from home for up to 2 months – for free. Here are some more details: We have Cybersecurity Licenses and Remote Access Licenses.

  • We will install and set up the remote software licenses for FREE for a period of 2 months (we’ll absorb 100% of the cost). This will allow your employees to work from home using their personal PCs and laptops WITHOUT compromising your company’s security. This is Enterprise Grade Software.
  • At the end of 2 months (or whenever you’re back to work), you have the ability to cancel the service, no cost or penalty.
  • The technical work to set this up will also be FREE of charge and should only take a few hours (unless you have hundreds of employees or a complex situation). When we talk, we can give you a better estimate of the time involved.
  • If you need help desk or IT support in addition to this free service, we will be providing that at a discounted rate. To be clear, you are NOT obligated to hire us, but you might need additional support beyond setting up your remote workers.
  • We can also assist in setting up phone systems and video conferencing that will allow you to continue to service customers, prospect and close new business, and keep everyone WORKING so your business doesn’t grind to a halt. This will also be offered at a discounted rate.
  • Firewalls and other services are available as well.

Because everyone’s situation is different, I’d like to suggest we get on a quick call to discuss your specific situation and needs. From there I can give you more details on how (if?) we can help you and answer your questions.

My phone is 754-816-2346
My e-mail is

I’m sure you’re asking why we would give this away for free for 2 months. There must be a hidden agenda, right? Truly, I’m just looking to help. Right now, our business has not been impacted in the same way others have. We are still fully functional and operating as an essential business and simply want to extend some help to our fellow Fort Lauderdale business owners.

The only “catch” is that we can’t offer this to EVERY business in Fort Lauderdale, so we’re writing to a small, select group of businesses we know or have been introduced to sometime in the past (hence the letter).

If you do NOT want this free support, please let us know so we can make it available to another business owner who does need it. I will follow up within the next couple of days to see if you received this letter, and whether or not you’d like our assistance right now or not.


Jason Appel
Phone: 754-816-2346